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Though real estate investment is usually less risky compared to investing in domains, and most real estate investors make some profit when they sell the property after a few years, one of the main reasons why most people do not invest in multiple properties is because the property prices are very high. Typically most domains cost between Rs 1000-1500 and if the domain is making a loss or cannot cover the domain renewal expenses, the investor can let the domain expire and prevent further losses in future.

In comparison it is very difficult to find any property for sale for less than Rs 10 lakh. Every property is unique, its legal records will vary, so the buyer has to spend time and money, to research whether the buyer is legally authorized to sell the property. It is also very difficult for buyers with a limited budget , who cannot afford to spend more money, to find suitable properties

While land is being advertised extensively as an investment, it is often difficult for a busy person who is not politically well connected to manage the land and ensure that it is not encroached . Most of the cheap land is available only in remote places, and the buyer has to waste a lot of time, money visiting the land periodically to ensure that there is no encroachment

In some cases, the land seller will take an advance and then refuse to transfer the land and also not refund the money. In addition to private citizens, government employees are also facing the problem. While the domain investor, government slavery victim could invest only a small amount, some well paid navy employees had invested in 4 plots each marketed by a thane company. Like the domain investor, they also did not get the plots transferred in their name and also did not get a refund, were wasting their time visiting the office regularly taking leave from office.

It appears that reputed indian listed companies are more professional in their property sales, and they usually sell flats. Most of the properties are fairly expensive and the cheaper properties are usually in remote areas. The maintenance charges for these flats is also higher, and should be considered if the property buyer does not plan to live in the home immediately

So while property buyers usually make a profit after they get possession of the property they purchased, it is often difficult to find reliable sellers who will sell the property as promised, and complete all the legal documentation. Since the cost of property is very high, this increases the risk involved in purchasing the property. Having a reliable and honest relative to handle the property purchase can reduce the risk, yet most people are not lucky.

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