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Though the mainstream media rarely highlights the news, the fact is that indian government, society and corporate sector is very ruthless in cheating, exploiting, robbing those who are most vulnerable, without a support system. Though worldwide, according to research for article writing there are three categories of home owners who are most likely to be cheated for home repairs, which are
senior citizens
single women
These categories will either find it very difficult to get their home repaired or they will be charged a very high price compared to that charged by locals. In large metro cities, where most people are migrants, the discrimination against migrants is comparatively less. Also people come to metro cities mainly to make money, and if they are paid the market rate, they are ready to do the work.

In comparison, in small towns, the local politicians and officials are extremely powerful, they can make it very difficult for vulnerable citizens to even to carry out basic home repairs. Usually this aspect is not highlighted in the mainstream media, where a large number of articles on real estate are posted. Only when a large amount of money has been invested in purchasing the home, from personal experience , the home buyer realizes that the local politicians, officials will make their life hell.

While families with young children have a better social status, senior citizens, single women should be aware that they will often face problems and hostility just because they are vulnerable. Everyone will try to cheat, exploit the single women, senior citizens, especially if they have savings, trying to grab the money and the property. The sindhi scammers naina premchandani and her fraud family in small towns like panaji are extremely vicious in slandering single women and looting everything

So before investing in a property, senior citizens and single women should be very careful and do some research on the attitude of the people in the area. It is better to live with other senior citizens, who face similar problems and will not loot others like the greedy gujjus, scammer sindhis and others

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